Danica and Jason Russell are not your typical couple. Having met at age 6, they were childhood sweethearts, dance partners and best friends. They still are. They also share a common love of adventure, storytelling and of their children: Gavin Danger and Everley Darling.

It is their revolutionary approach to humanitarian work, however, that has put the Russells at the forefront of a generational movement for peace. After graduating from USC film school, Jason traveled to Africa and made a compelling documentary that eventually turned into the non-profit Invisible Children, Inc. With his wife always by his side, as an artist, art director, photographer, and script doctor – this team, was also responsible for producing the #KONY2012 campaign and phenomenon. They remain thankful for the lessons learned and have continued to use their unique brand of madness to create campaigns for other organizations and brands through their creative agency: Broomstick Engine.

After spending over a decade teaching people how to fight injustice by taking action, and trying to make the idea of activism less scary and angry, they decided to write their lessons learned in the sweetest and simplest way possible: a children’s book.

Jason continues to serve as a keynote speaker, inspiring creativity, idealism, and sacrifice; while Danica makes sure that is happening in their own house. Together, this family has truly found a way to make an impact in this world by doing what they love – with, and for, the people they love. This book, for their children, is proof.